Alternatives to Raw


Guru cold pressed dog food

Cold pressed

None of the nutritional value is lost

Can be fed alongside or instead of raw

A fabulous alternative to frozen raw

Natural food

All the goodness of raw without taking up freezer space


Introducing a practical alternative to raw food

Cold pressed means more nutrients and tastier food for your dog


A high quality and practical alternative to feeding raw

Cold Pressed dog food is a naturally balanced food for dogs that uses low temperatures to create a premium dog food which harnesses the ingredients nutrition and natural goodness. Not only is Guru cold pressed dog food a complete dried meal, it’s also suitable to feed alongside a raw diet.

The low temperature controlled process of cold pressing has been around for many years but has been adapted to produce a unique cold pressed food. This process allows the ingredients to retain their richness and natural goodness without using high temperatures which can result in a loss of vitamins and nutrients.

Cold pressing

Cold pressing is a unique method that Guru use to prepare & create healthy dog food.

The ingredients are ground then gently mixed together. This carefully preserves the nutrients before they are Cold Pressed at low temperatures for just a few seconds.

This unique cooking method retains as much of the ingredients nutrients as possible. This process is the main difference between our food compared to extrusion which uses high temperatures and pressures.

No nasty surprises

  • No chemical additives or artificial colours

  • No preservatives

  • No GM products

  • No gluten

  • No animal testing

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